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Christina Anna Avraamides 

YEs you can do this  

Christina Anna Avraamides. 

I was born in  Johannesburg South Africa, however my decent is Greek.

In Greek tradition children are normally named after Grandparents however in my case my parents chose to give me the name of Christina Anna -  for what reason no one knows, but so it is.

I have inherited part of my flair for fashion and styling from my parents.  They were raised in Egypt in the 1930's when Egypt was the mecca of fashion and the source of the finest Egyptian Cotton.  

I completed my formal education and worked in the corporate world in a sales and marketing world for most of my adult life, HOWEVER   -  I was an avid fashion follower and from the age of 18 I designed my own clothes and a developed my own style. 

In the progression of my career  i realized that the way i presented myself i.e. what i wore, how i combined it different items was part of my success.  I endeavoured to understand what it was that made the difference which lead to me studying to become an image consultant and personal stylist. I did freelance work and in 2014 i took the leap of faith to open my own company. 

My vision is 
"not only to make pretty but to make a difference" 
in people's life.  

We are never taught how to dress according to our body shape and select colours that are best for out skin tone. 

We are dressed by our mom's and take on a bit of their style and advice

We follow trends 

Our school peers have a major influence

My services are for discerning individual that want to go from great to greater 
for individuals that feel a little lost when it comes to shopping and getting the 
perfect wardrobe and look .  

Looking forward to hearing from you 

I am a firm believer that we can all do anything that we do better. 

Much Love ❤️Christina Anna Avraamides 


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